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Common Phone Problems

Phones are a vital part of our day to day life. We cannot even think of having a life without the use of mobile phones. In today’s world, having a problem with the phone can be panicking. But do not worry, there are some of the very common phone problems that are normally found in many phones. It is a machine after all and machines can have problems.

Common Phone Problems

If your phone is having somCommon Phone Problemse problems, then it is better to know its problems and how to protect it from them in the first place. The problems can be related to many things such as a software problem, a hardware problem, bugs and machine failure. To know more about these common problems and their fixes, read on.


  • Smartphone is Running Slowly


This is the most common problem when it comes to smartphones. It happens especially when the phone gets older. The speed tends to reduce as the device’s RAM will get slower with more and more installation of apps and filling up for storage. The best solution is to wipe out all the useless and unnecessary apps and files from the mobile phone. Clean up the mobile and cache data properly. 


  • Poor Battery Life


This is another very common problem faced by the majority of the smartphone owners. Have you faced problems regarding the battery? It can be battery draining out too fast, charging failure or the slow charging. These problems are quite common but can be a serious issue. If your phone is not charging properly then it can shut down. You have to go to Settings, then Battery. Troubleshoot and identify if there is any bug and remove those apps causing problems or get your battery replaced.


  • Application Crash


Are you getting error messages such as application crash often on your phone? Then do not worry as it is quite common. This problem occurs when there is a bug in that particular installed application or when your phone lacks storage space. This can be quite frustrating! You have to clear the app data from your ‘App Manager’ and avoid the use of multiple apps at a time. 


  • Overheating


There are many complaints by the owners of the smartphones about their device getting overheated. Excess usage of the smartphone can cause this problem. With so many apps running all at a time, the temperature tends to get higher. This can affect the performance of the battery too. The best solution to this problem is not to use the phone while it is still charging as this can cause major damage. Do not use the applications that use a huge amount of CPU and give a break to your phone once in a while.

Bottom Line

So, these are some of the common phone problems that people can face. You need to take good care of your phone to ensure that there are no such problems. Though these problems are quite common and can happen all the time, you need to take immediate action to fix the problems before it gets too serious. In case you cannot handle the situation or notice other issues such as signs of water damage or cracks that go unseen, it is better to take your phone to an expert who can help you with the problem.

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