What is the Purpose of WiFi?

What is the Purpose of WIFI?

If you’re wondering what is the purpose of WIFI and how WIFI works, then you’ve come to the right place. This is a type of technology that provides network connectivity through the use of radio waves. It uses an adapter which helps generate hotspots and establishes a connection. Within these hotspot areas, users can access these internet services through the use of a wireless router. In this blog post, we’ll give you an essential guide on how WIFI works and what does WIFI does so you can better understand accessing the internet.

What is the Purpose of WiFi?
What is the Purpose of WIFI?

What Does WIFI Stand For?

It’s quite surprising that most individuals don’t know what WIFI stands for. There are many theories when it comes to the abbreviated term. However, the most popular coined term is called Wireless Fidelity.

Basics of WIFI

Before we can answer the question of what is the purpose of WIFI, you’ll need a brief introduction of why and how it is used today. Today wireless technology has become a staple in many public and private places such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, airports, schools, libraries, work, and even at home. The reason it’s so widely used is because it’s very compatible with many operating systems such as an advanced printer and any game device. You can also use it for a variety of other purposes, such as if your iPhone SE won’t turn on, or if you need to complete a successful phone interview.

How Does WIFI Work?

By understanding how WIFI works, you’ll know the answer to what is the purpose of WIFI. A network utilizes specific signal waves to send info through a network. Many times an adapter is used in the instance of a computer to help translate data that are transmitted into a signal. From there, a router will receive the signal through its antenna and decode it. After the completion of being decoded, it will be transmitted back to the web through the use of an Ethernet connection.

This wireless connection works both ways. This signal and data sent by the internet to go through a router which will be decoded and translated into a signal. This radio signal is then sent to a computer’s adapter.

WIFI Frequencies

The WIFI frequencies can better adapt to the data transmitted by using a high frequency level.. For the WIFI network of 802.11a, it has a frequency level of 5GHz. This type of frequency, also known as OFDM, divides the signal into smaller ones before sending it to the router.

Basics of Hotspots

A hotspot is a huge buzzword, and it can be defined as the area in which WIFI is accessible. It can be used at a public place such as airports or restaurants or be inside a closed network at home.

Newer computer models have a transmitter that is wireless and built inside. But you may also need an adapter if your laptop or computer doesn’t have one. This adapter plugs in the USB or PCI slot. Your system will request a network connection once it has detected a WIFI hotspot. Sometimes your iPhone might not notify you when you get a text, and this can be a cause of poor signal.

How Does WIFI Work at Home

For WIFI to work at home, you need a modem. You need to establish a network connection using a router. Ensure that you plug in your router. First turn on the modem prior to plugging your Ethernet cable into your device. Turn on your router and then try to open your browser window.

What is the Purpose of WiFi?
What is the Purpose of WIFI?

Your browser or computer will request an IP address for your router. For example the Linksys and Belkin brands have different numbers.

You’ll need to set up your login for your router. Then establish your SSID as active. Your ISP will provide your password and username. Also choose the type security either WPA or WEP. Complete the WIFI configuration by selecting a new passkey.

Having internet at home is great for a long list of reasons but we won’t bore you with that. Instead, we can give you at least two good reasons to have WIFI at home. The first best reason is of course for your WIFI garage door opener. Next, but also close to being the first best reason is for streaming videos online or gaming. This is probably the best answer to, “what is the purpose of WIFI?”. Especially if you have tech savvy people in the house. Happy WIFI hunting!

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