How Long do Printed Shirts Last?

How Long do Printed Shirts Last

Just seeing the number of people who buy heat pressed t shirts makes you realize that it is cool to own one. The graphic design alone makes the shirt stand out regardless of the fabric used. To protect your heat pressed shirts from getting worn out easily, find out how long do printed shirts last.

Factors that Affect Lifespan

In terms of cost and accuracy of design, the heat pressing technique brings in a lot of advantages. The best file format for printing logo can be used with ease, especially when printing on shirts. The major downside of pressing shirt is the fact that heat pressed shirts and items have a short lifespan. This is mainly caused by washing over time that can easily wear off the adhesive and vinyl used to apply the design.

Water and Extreme Temperature

Before you know how long do printed shirts last, you need to be aware of the things that make heat pressed t shirts wear out easily. The adhesive easily gets loose if the garment is exposed to water and extreme temperatures often. Prior to washing or ironing the fabric, allow heat pressed t shirts to settle so the adhesive can dry well.

Pressed Shirts
Pressed Shirts

Using hot water or fabric softener, bleaching, soaking, and dry cleaning the fabric can weaken the adhesive and cause the vinyl to peel off. Ironing the shirt means applying heat directly to the fabric, so turning the shirt inside out or using a protective layer over the print needs to be done. The same goes for washing it, as turning the heat press shirt inside out can lessen exposure to washing or heat.

Adhesive and Vinyl Shape

As you may have noticed, the main factors that affect the lifespan of a heat press shirt are the adhesive and the vinyl shape. Heat press shirts will take about 50 washes before peeling and fading starts being noticeable. For proper care instructions, turn the heat press shirt inside out and wash it using cold wash. As you hang it on the washing line and iron it, the garment must still be turned inside out.

How Does Manufacturing Affect Your Shirt?

Manufacturers should know how to heat press a shirt properly since other factors during manufacturing worsen the condition of your printed shirt. The chemical treatment applied when pressing shirt to avoid it from shrinking during the first wash may also cause cracking and flaking later on. If you have a shirt that is too large for you, you may need to shrink the shirt without ruining it. This can be a difficult task especially if you are trying to extend the lifespan of your shirt. The same goes for not applying enough pressure and heat when binding the vinyl to the fabric, so manufacturers must be careful on how to heat press a shirt.

Press Shirts
Press Shirts

Vinyl also cracks and peal quickly if the fabric is too stretchy. Aside from choosing the highest quality photo format when printing and being careful on the proper way to heat press shirts, manufacturers should also be aware of how they store vinyl and how long they leave it unused since it can affect the quality of the shirts they make.

Cracking and peeling on shirts are not visually appealing, and knowing how long do printed shirts last can make you more careful when handling your favorite printed shirts.

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