What Should a Good Resume Include?

A resume or CV is an important tool that you need for when you are applying to jobs. Resumes play a vital role and if it is not presented properly, then it can be a serious issue. No matter how well-qualified you are or how experienced you are, you have to make sure that your resume is perfect. This resume can help you to get great jobs. But what should a good resume include? When you are making a resume for your job, you have to make sure that you are including some of the important factors.

What Should a Good Resume Include?

What Should a Good Resume Include

If you are looking for a job and want your resume to be perfect, make sure that it is fulfilling the purpose. The main function of your resume is to highlight your experience, qualifications and education and the level of professionalism and the most important parts of your resume. For that, you need to include certain things in the CV. To know more about those, read on.

Things to Include in a Good Resume

You need to include:


  • Name and contact details: Of course, name and contact details are quite important when it comes to your resume. You cannot make a resume work without these. One must know whose resume is this and how they can contact that person. It is better to include both contact number and email ID.
  • Opening statement: This is another important part of resume. Here you have to grab the attention of the employer in a line or two. Make it short yet efficient. Tell them in what field you are seeking job and what you are capable of — such as wanting to grow as a leader and more.
  • Education qualifications: This section must contain everything related to your education. Include your schooling, colleges, universities and certification courses (if any). This area is important for an employer to know about your educational background and whether or not you are capable for the job profile.
  • Employment history: This section is the part where you discuss about the work experience. Of course, this section is very important as it’ll help employers realize what qualifications that you have to know what to expect. You have to include the jobs you have worked in and how long. You have to explain the work profile too. Also, include your volunteering works.
  • Skills: The next part is about your skills. You have to write about the skills that you have which can help your professionally. These skills can be technical skills, software skills, communication skills or anything related to the job. 


All these are important aspects of your resume and must appear in the right way. You have to chronologically arrange the educational qualifications and job experience to make it look even more impressive.


If you were wondering – what should a good resume include, then these are some of the examples for you. These aspects are the most important part of your resume and it is incomplete without these as they are necessary for you to get a job. You need to make sure that your resume contains every single detail about your previous job experience and education qualification. Even the achievements and awards should be included in the resume, if there is any. These achievement section can help to create a good impression to help you ace your interview.

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