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GPS Tracking Employees Laws – How This Works

Monitoring the employees is one of the most effective and best ways to keep updates about their activities. But is it legal? There are some GPS tracking employees laws that you need to know. There are also some best practices that you must know about. The GPS technology is getting more and more popular these days and employers are trying to get access of the employee’s whereabouts with this. But tracking comes with some risks that the employers must understand.

GPS Tracking Employees Laws

To know more about the problems and some of the potential benefits of GPS tracking of the employees and time management, read on. Also, we will discuss about the laws that are related to this GPS tracking method.

Benefits of GPS Tracking

Here are some of the potential benefits of GPS tracking:GPS Tracking Employees Laws

  1. This will increase the productivity of the employees and the mobile employees.
  2. It will also help to monitor the overtime and the compliance with all labor laws.
  3. You can also keep a check with the safety regulations by confirming whether or not the employees are speeding and violating the traffic laws.
  4. It will be easier to verify the time records are correct.
  5. This will also ensure whether or not the employees are following the company policies and engaging in safe behavior.

Things to Know Before Implementing GPS Tracking

Here are some of the ground rules that you have to follow before you start tracking your employees with the help of GPS technology:

  • Make sure to be familiar with all the laws that are applicable to GPS tracking, including the privacy expectations before you engage in the GPS tracking technology for your employees.
  • You can use GPS tracking only in vehicles or devices that are owned by the employers. The law only permits to track the employees who use company owned properties. 
  • You can only monitor the employees to a certain extent which is only justified for the business needs. If the employee feels the risk of his/her privacy being violated, then that person can file a lawsuit against you.
  • You must include a written GPS tracking policy in the contract. It has to outline the reasons why a business is using a GPS tracking system to monitor the employees’ moves and vehicles. Also, make sure to communicate the policy with all the employees.
  • Be considerate and responsible toward the location and time tracking activity. Make sure to monitor the activities of the employees only during work hours. You can also monitor the location of an employee only for business purpose.

Bottom Line

As much as GPS tracking technology has made it easier for employers to keep a track on their employees, it is also important to know the GPS tracking employees laws. If you break the laws or go beyond the above mentioned laws, then the employees are free to take the help of law. You must not breach someone’s privacy just because you have the technology and facilities with you. make sure to use the technology only for the needs and purpose of your business, strictly.


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