What Employers Expect From Employees – Qualities That’ll Lead to Success

In recent times, employers are moving past the usual assessment of just requiring academic qualifications. Unlike before, where experience and academic qualifications were the order of the day when employers were looking for employees; employers now have shifted their focus to searching for the proper blend of qualities which aid a firm in making or […]

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Microservices vs SOA – What Makes Them Different

Both the microservices and SOA architectures have various pros and cons to them. In microservices, the service can operate and be deployed independently of other services; whereas in SOA, this is impossible. So when it comes down to microservices vs SOA, what are some other differences and which architecture should you choose? This article will […]

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Phases of Building Construction – How to Successfully Plan a Project

What are the phases of building construction? They are the sequential stages from designing to the finishing of a construction project. The construction process is not just a walk in the park as many people would think, but it requires proper planning, skills and the right knowledge to come up with a near-perfect building — if […]


Outsourcing Software Development – Why It Matters

Software outsourcing is the act by which companies entrust their functions to an external company developer or a team to offer services relating to software such as design, development, support, and maintenance. This can involve working of software that had been worked on by the company’s internal employees or currently are underway. This article will […]


How Dialer Works in Call Center – Predictive Dialers

Do you currently work in a call center or planning to open one up soon? Installing some sort of dialer system is ideal for call centers as they increase productivity exponentially. There are different types of dialers available that perform differently. Depending on your workplace and the volume of your calls, choosing a specific type […]

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Are You Ready For This?

Technology is inevitably in almost everyone lives in one way or another.  In fact, in the majority of the population technology is in their lives in a multitude of ways.  With tech becoming largely the topic of many discussions, the race to invent the latest and greatest in tech devices is through the roof!  It […]