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Should I Replace My iPhone Battery – Keeping Your Phone Charged

So you think your iPhone’s battery needs an upgrade. First things first. Check if it really needs replacing. Do not take such move without learning the basics, because well, battery replacement for an iPhone is pretty expensive.

Should I Replace My iPhone Battery

Just as you have to repair your phone if there’s water damage, the same goes for a bad battery. As with any phone, battery slowdown in an aging iPhone is nothing new. This is true even in lithium-ion batteries – the more power cycles they undergo, the worse their performance gets. So to cut the chase short, how do you tell if a new battery is necessary?

What You Should Watch Out For

There are signs common to a depleting iPhone battery capacity, and the easiest thing to detect it is by observing your phone. The most common signs of a damaged or weak battery are the following:

  • Your phone charges slowly.
  • Your iPhone battery time is very short compared to the usual.
  • Your device frequently dies when it shouldn’t.
  • The screen glitches from time to time.

While these don’t always mean that your battery is damaged, you should consider replacing your battery. If you want to dig deeper and be sure of your iPhone battery life, go to the settings menu, then battery. 

How to Check Phone Battery LifeShould I Replace My iPhone Battery

A warning message – that is what should you check to know for sure if your battery needs to be serviced. You will get this message if your iPhone has reached or is approaching 500 completed charges, or if it is less than 80% of its original capacity. Again, this does not necessarily mean you need to change the battery, but doing so will protect your phone from experiencing inconvenient problems.


How Many Years Can My iPhone Battery Last?

No matter the brand or the model, and whatever a company might say for marketing purposes, the truth is, all batteries die. Apple estimates an iPhone battery to last for 400 completed charges, which is around two years’ worth of use.

Why is My iPhone’s Battery Draining Fast?

If it is draining fast even without using any apps, try these iOS battery saving tips: Restart your phone by holding the power button for a few secs. You should see the Restart swipe button, but if not, press the power button and hold for a good 30 seconds until your device restarts on its own. This can temporarily fix the issues that usually drain your battery. 

How Long Does it Take to Get my iPhone Battery Replaced?

Well, the actual time needed to replace a battery is approximately 30 minutes. However, depending on certain factors, such as waiting in line and the staff checking the phone before and after the replacement, allot at least two hours for the whole process of acquiring a new, fresh battery for your iPhone. This can also take longer if you need other repairs done as well, such as fixing a cracked screen.

In Conclusion

If you are wondering should I replace my iPhone battery, the answer depends on a few options. If you feel like your iPhone is charging slowly, and/or losing it’s charge quickly, it may be time to replace it. Replacing your iPhone’s battery will help restore it to optimal performance. 

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