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Signs of Water Damage on Phone – Common Issues

Smartphones are highly useful but they are quite delicate as well. Water or any other liquids can be quite hazardous to your smartphone. Exposure to moisture and water can damage many internal components and parts of your phone. There are some phones that give you alerts about the device when it is exposed to water or moisture. In order to detect the symptoms and signs of water damage on phone, here are some of the things that you have to notice:

Signs of Water Damage on Phone

#1: Issue with power & startup

One of the main symptoms of water damages is that the phone is not turning on at all. Even if it turns on, it will immediately restart. This is often known as ‘white screen of death’ in technical terms. If this is the case with your phone, then power off the phone and visit a repairing service center as soon as possible.


#2: Hardware failure

If the microphone or the speaker of your phone is failing to work properly, then this can be another symptom of water damage. Depending on the amount of water entered into the phone, the water has the capability to affect some of the components such as microphone and speaker. Another symptom of water damages is overheating. Your phone will be hot when you touch it.  


#3: Warning or error messages

The third symptom can be a warning or error messages. If your phone is showing error messages when you are connecting the phone to a USB or charger, then the chances are high that it is due to water damage. Sometimes error messages can be like ‘Charging is not supported with the accessory’. In this case, it can be a problem with the Signs of Water Damage on Phonecharger. But if it is showing the same message with every charger, then the problem is different.


#4: Issues with application

Applications or programs can be highly affected because of the water. In case some of the programs or applications are not opening or closing spontaneously, then the problem can be due to water damage. This symptom can happen along with other symptoms related to water damages. Did you notice a lag in your phone? Are the applications taking longer time to open or close than usual? Then the problem can be more than just a lag. This can also be the case if you dropped and cracked your phone



These are some of the symptoms and signs of water damage on phone. You need to make sure that you are taking the phone to an expert for solving this issue. In case there is water damage, the phone needs to be properly handled. Water damages can cause the failure of many parts and components. You should never open and repair the water damaged phone unless and until you are trained for this. This can only be done by experienced and trained technicians who can repair mobile phones. You have to visit the nearest repairing and servicing center of smartphones to get it fixed. They can open it and repair any damaged parts of the phone. Make sure to explain the issues or problems to the servicemen for better service.

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