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My Phone Crashed

My phone crashed, how do I fix it? This is a common concern that most Android phone users face. Thankfully, you found your way here. There is a lot to learn. Keep reading.   I have compiled a tutorial that will help you fix your crashed phone. Of importance, the tutorial will emphasize on recovering your […]


Common Phone Problems

Phones are a vital part of our day to day life. We cannot even think of having a life without the use of mobile phones. In today’s world, having a problem with the phone can be panicking. But do not worry, there are some of the very common phone problems that are normally found in […]

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Common iPhone Issues

iPhone users face various problems whenever they transfer data from their old devices to newer ones, update to a new iOS, launch new apps or jailbreak their devices. iPhone issues often range from software/hardware related to bugs in iOS. Here are some common iPhone issues to consider. Common iPhone Issues iPhone White Screen of Death […]


How to Stop a Crack From Spreading on Phone – Protect Your Phone

As powerful as smartphones are these days, manufacturers still haven’t quite figured out how to make an extremely durable screen. There have been some improvements over the years, but just one drop at the wrong angle can lead to a crack. In some cases, the entire screen cracks and there is no way around needing […]


How to Protect Your Phone from Damage – Tips from the Pros

Today, mobile phones are integral parts of our professional and personal lives. These devices help us to stay connected and organized. While the portability of mobile phones makes them popular, it also makes them susceptible to physical damage. Replacing or repairing a damaged phone can be expensive, so here precautions you can take to know […]