Common iPhone Issues

iPhone users face various problems whenever they transfer data from their old devices to newer ones, update to a new iOS, launch new apps or jailbreak their devices. iPhone issues often range from software/hardware related to bugs in iOS. Here are some common iPhone issues to consider.

Common iPhone Issues

iPhone White Screen of Death

A hardware problem, jailbreak or failed upgrade can result in an iPhone White Screen of Death. Your first course of action is to restart the device. If that doesn’t work, then try a hard reset before booting the phone in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode. However, bear in mind that booting the phone in DFU and hard resetting will clear all the settings and data on your phone.

Lost iPhone Data After Jailbreak or Upgrade

Often after updating your software to a new version or jailbreaking your iPhone, you tend to lose photos, iPhone videos, messages and contacts. Whenever you lose such data, then you can always retrieve information from your iCloud and iTunes backup.

Water Damaged iPhone

A water damaged iPhone may or may not turn on. It’s also likely that you’ll lose your data too. Dry the phone by rubbing it on a towel and remove the sim card. Don’t try to plug it or turn it on. Alternatively, keep it with silica sachets for about two days to dry.

iPhone Battery Life ProblemsCommon iPhone Issues

iPhone battery draining fast is a common problem many iPhone users face. Battery draining problems are commonly encountered after upgrading iOS. You can tackle the issue through a factory reset or by controlling apps with high battery usage.

iPhone Black Screen

Bad firmware, dropping your phone, jailbreaking, malware, spilling water on your device and updating an app are all common causes of iPhone black screen. Start by ruling out any battery issue by charging the phone completely. If the problem persists, restore your device to factory settings via iTunes but beware that it may lead to data loss.

Overheating iPhone

If your device displays a message saying that your iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it, then you have an overheating problem. To fix this, take the hot device away from direct sunlight or to a cooler environment. Remove any iPhone case, switch off the device or stop using it for a couple of minutes. Updating to a new iOS or resetting all the device settings may sometimes fix an overheating problem.

iPhone Camera Roll Crash

This problem may result in the loss of photos stored on your device. The problem also bars you from performing any activity in existing photos or videos on the device. The only way to fix a camera roll crash is to restore the device to factory settings. However, be sure to back up your data because a factory reset leads to the complete loss of videos, photos, contacts, chat messages, notes, etc.

Bottom Line

Other common iPhone issues include forgetting your iPhone passcode or getting your iPhone disabled, iPhone stuck on the Apple logo or iPhone application freezing or quitting unexpectedly. Most iPhone problems require simple fixes but always contact a professional if you’re not sure how to solve the problem and prevent problems from happening. 


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