Tips on How to Prepare For a Job Interview

Tips on How to Prepare For a Job Interview

A job interview can be intimidating, that’s why preparation is important. Preparing for an interview means taking the time to consider your qualifications and align your goals with that of the employer. It is a way to boost your confidence and feel relaxed. While not all interviews are the same, you can check and consider some tips on how to prepare for a job interview.

Tips on How to Prepare For a Job Interview

So, got your interview preparation checklist ready to ace your upcoming interview? Check out these simple interview tips and tricks.

Do your research

Going for an interview is like advancing for a battle; you need to be prepared. Otherwise, you will likely suffer a loss. Performing research about the industry, the company, and the role you are applying for should be a priority. You never know, the interviewer may throw questions relating to the company’s competitive advantages compared with other firms in the industry, the ways on how to go forward, and the like. You will also want to make sure you understand the expectations your potential employer has for you. 

Sell yourself – clearlyTips on How to Prepare For a Job Interview

Before you go into an interview, make sure you have prepared your key selling points. Your selling points are your abilities and characteristics that make you attractive for and add value to the job. This may include good leadership and managerial skills and excellent communication skills. Make sure to add your experiences when a certain selling point has contributed significantly to the performance of your job.

Give your best answer to “Tell me about yourself”

This is a favorite opening question in many interviews. But just because it is usually used does not mean you should not mind it; all the more that you should make the most of it. What, then, is a great response? While there is no harm in stating the most basic stuff, such as where you were born, how many you are in the family, and how many pets you have and their breeds, do you think they are relevant to the job?

Instead, consider sharing your selling points and asking if you can expand on those. Most interviewers will be glad to hear them, because those answer the question “Why should the company hire you?”. So while you prepare for the more technical interview preparation questions, do not miss this basic yet golden opportunity.

Show enthusiasm by asking

During your job interview preparation, draw up intelligent questions for the interviewer. Make sure that these questions are relevant and demonstrate your knowledge of the industry and company. Asking questions shows your enthusiasm and serious intent to get the job. Instead of saying ‘none’ when the interviewer asks if you have any questions, responding with an intelligent question communicates your interest.

Practice makes perfect

Expert recruiters say to remember the adage, “Practice makes perfect”. It is one thing to know in your mind the answers to different types of interview questions, but it is another thing to speak them out confidently and persuasively. If it is your first interview ever, it is normal to be nervous about it. So take time to practice, practice, and practice. If you sound confused or even drunk for the first time, do it again until you sound more articulate and relaxed. You can even ask a friend to help you rehearse.

Mind your body languageTips on How to Prepare For a Job Interview

Aside from preparing mentally, make sure you speak the right body language. This includes wearing appropriate attire, having good posture, making eye contact, and speaking clearly and coherently. Your body language points to where your interest is, so make sure you are pointing toward the right direction. 

Stay positive

During an interview, speak more of your positive experiences than negative ones, unless they eventually direct to a success story. If asked about your previous employer or company, do not say bad things about them, no matter how unpleasant your experience is. Prepare answers that would highlight the positive while still answering the interviewer’s questions.


How can I impress my interviewer?

To impress an interviewer, consider these crucial points:

  • Be genuine, courteous, and confident
  • Dress appropriately
  • Arrive five to ten minutes early
  • Address them with their first name
  • Bring a copy of your resume
  • Show interest in the company and the role
  • Follow up

What should you not do during an interview?

Of all the things you should not do during a job interview, the following are considered the most important:

  • Having no knowledge about the company or the position
  • Asking about money too soon
  • Being late or too early
  • Failing to bring copies of your resume
  • Talking bad about a previous employer
  • Be lacking enthusiasm
  • Being too passive and forgetting to ask questions
  • Talking too much

Going for an interview can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first time. Make sure you go armed by spending time preparing for it. With these tips on how to prepare for a job interview, you will be ready to ace the interview. But if bad turns to worse, do not give up. Remember, every cloud has its silver lining.

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