Different Types of Interview Questions

Interviews test your suitability for a job opening. They help employees filter the best candidates for the job. You will be tested through different types of interview questions. Your answers and how to navigate through situations will help you show your abilities. 

Different Types of Interview Questions

This post will explore all the categories of interview questions. It will also give you one or two examples of each question. Preparing some answers in advance will help you avoid making the interview mistake of appearing unprepared. Once you prepare, you should be ready to ace any interview


These questions will test your mathematical and creative skills. You can be asked simple questions like 2000 divided by 144 or how many moons are visible on planet Jupiter? 

Questions to Verify Your Credentials and ExperienceDifferent Types of Interview Questions

These are the questions the employer will ask about you. You will answer questions about your academic grades, hobbies, and anything else to make the interviewers know you better. One of the most questions here is on your GPA. When you include work experience in your resume, be ready to provide answers to verify that. It will be something like: When you worked in company ABC, what was your role? Whatever you say, make sure it helps secure you the new job. 

Random Questions

Get ready for a problem without right or wrong answers. They are testing your capability to come up with original ideas or scenarios. You could be asked: If you were to be an animal, what do you think suits you best? They are not questions to offend you. Be relaxed and try to think before giving an answer. 

Behavioral Questions

Such questions are asked to help you explain a situation where you used your skills to come up with a solution. The interviewers will create a situation and ask you how you would solve it. Using your past experience, you should explain how you would handle the situation. 

Case Questions

You have to know your statistics around the job you are applying for. For instance, what do you like about the company? To get these questions right, you should do your research. All the crucial statistics should be at your fingertips. You are showing your understanding of the specific field. 

Opinion Questions

You are put to task to explain or give an answer to a specific topic. It could be about yourself or a question relating to the job. A good example is: What do you think is your biggest weakness? Give it your thought before answering such a question. It can be a trap.

Competency-related Questions

With these questions, you are being put to test on your suitability for the job. You should prove that you have the skillset, the attitude, and whatever it takes to deliver on the job. You may be asked: Provide a few examples when your leadership qualities were put to the test? Provide answers that show you as a person who can handle all manner of pressure at the place of work. 

Bottom Line

When looking for a job, you will be asked different types of interview questions. Make sure you know what each question is asking of you, and can add on to the information on your resume. Always do your research and be confident. 

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