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My Phone Crashed

My phone crashed, how do I fix it? This is a common concern that most Android phone users face. Thankfully, you found your way here. There is a lot to learn. Keep reading. 

 I have compiled a tutorial that will help you fix your crashed phone. Of importance, the tutorial will emphasize on recovering your data.  

My Phone Crashed

Phone problems are a pain to deal with. In this article we will discuss a few tips to help you deal with your phone crashing. However, if you do not want to solve the problem yourself, you can always send your phone to a  professional to have it repaired. 

My Phone Crashed

How to fix Freezing of Apps and crashing on Android


There are several ways you can fix crashing on your Android phone. They are as follows:-


  • Check for updates of the misbehaving apps from the Android Market
  • Reinstall the crashed apps
  • Flash the ROM of your device
  • Use a recovery mode to factory set the phone
  • Reformat the SD card
  • Pull out the battery from the phone


All these methods can help fix your Android phone back to normal. However, beware; you may lose some important data from your phone while using these methods to fix a crashed Android device. 


How to fix Android system crash Issue


Using a Broken Phone Data Extraction can help you recover your important files such as documents, WhatsApp messages, videos, text messages, photos, call logs, and contacts. The files can be recovered both from the Android device and the SD card.  Essentially, you would locate your files from a cloud that has stored your information. 


Besides, this method could be instrumental in fixing issues such as; My Phone Crashed


  • Fixing a frozen, crashed, black-screen or a locked screen
  • Fixing an unresponsive Android system


What is more important is that you are at no risk of losing data when you use this approach. 

To carry out this function, connect your crashed device to a computer. Select ‘Fix device’ to enable the download of a recovery package. These steps will fix the crashed Android phone back to normal. No data will be lost in the entire process. 


What are the key features of a broken Android Data Extraction?


  • Extraction of important files from the black screens, water damaged or a Samsung phone that is infected with a virus or is frozen
  • Fixing a disabled Android OS back to normal without losing important data
  • Recovery of lost data from your Android phone
  • Support Android models such as Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Samsung Galaxy S, and Samsung Galaxy Note series. 




It is important to protect your phone, but you now have a complete answer to the ‘my phone crashed’ problem. We cannot put a stop to Android phones crashing, but you can for sure get them back running with zip data lost.


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