Photography Lighting Tips

photography lighting tips

Photography is an art and light plays a very important role in this. Photography is all about playing with the light and the shadows. The photographs can look a lot better if you illuminate your subject in the right way. For this, you need to know some of the best photographic techniques and photography lighting tips. With the right photographic lighting skills, you can make a huge difference to the photos. This can improve the quality of your photographs to a great extent.photography lighting tips

Photography Lighting Tips

If you are looking for the best tips for photography lighting, then you are at the right place. We will discuss about all the top best tips that you can use for product photography lighting. These following tips will help you to make the photos look amazing and bright:

#1: Use a Broad Light Source

It is better to use a broad light source to get the best photograph. The broader the source of light is, the softer the light projecting on the subject. A broad light source can cast fewer shadows and suppresses the texture of the subject. You will not get such benefits from the narrow lighting accessories such as CFL lights and flashes. You must broaden the source by bouncing the light through a diffuser.

#2: Place the Light Source Close to the Subject

It is important to keep the light source as close as possible to the subject. When the light source is falling on the subject from a distance, it will have harder light. The light closer to the subject will provide broadened light whereas the light far away from the subject will become narrower. You have to make your subject close the broadened light source so that the light source can illuminate the subject quite evenly and naturally.

#3: Use Front-Lighting Carefully

The front-lighting is very important and it is important for suppressing the texture of the foreground. Therefore it can de-emphasize the foreground completely. So, the front-lighting is only good for shooting portraits where it can help you to cover the scars as well as blemishes on the face of your subject. 

#4: For 3-Dimensional Looks Include Shadows

Shadows are not always so bad. If you are using the shadow in the right way, it can help you to add depth and volume to your photographs. So, it can be helpful for projecting your subject to have a three-dimensional look. 

#5: Focus on Color Temperature

You have to keep the color temperature in mind when you are shooting. Even though the light may look white, it has a certain color. This cannot be detected by your eyes but can be detected by the sensors in the camera. It can record the color cast. So, while shooting, it is important to keep the color cast in mind.

Bottom Line

So, these are some of the best and most important photography lighting tips that you have to keep in mind. With these photography skills, you can capture some of the best photos without any doubt whether it be on your smartphone or professional camera. You can get the most of lights and shadows in your photos if you follow these simple tips. In you’re still doubting whether you’d be able to take photos with the correct lighting by yourself or not, consider reaching out to professionals who can take beautiful photos of your products or look into additional tech blogs that feature different sorts of tech.


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