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How to Create an Employee Schedule

With the advancements in technology, creating employee schedules have become easier than ever. Managers can now use the online scheduling apps or through spreadsheets specifically made for scheduling purposes. Previously, it was only a pen and paper method which has become outdated. This article will go over how to create an employee schedule so that you don’t have to worry about creating one the old fashioned way. 

How to Create an How to Create an Employee ScheduleEmployee Schedule 

Don’t know how to create an employee schedule? Know your employees and team, build the shifts, establish communication within your organization and more. 

Features of the Employee Schedule

Talking about how to create an effective schedule, you have to first know what features they have. The most important thing for the work schedule is to ensure that all the shifts are staffed correctly for each position. For instance, you will not need a bartender probably for the weekday lunch shifts. But when it comes to Friday and Saturday nights, you will definitely need at least three bartenders behind the bar. Hence, it is important to get the numbers correct. So, for this, you have to be aware of the events going on or coming soon, be it local or national. 

How to Create the Schedule

To create the schedule, follow these tips:


  • Know your employees and team


Though knowing our employees or team is the most basic part to create a work schedule, it is also the most important one. Without knowing them you will not be able to monitor their job schedule or allot them with a schedule.


  • Build the shifts 


The main thing that you have to do is to build work shifts around the best employees. Consider the traits of employees such as experience and efficiency before allotting the shifts to them. You have to build a work schedule that is best suited for the employees on that given time which will in turn improve employee attendance as well.


  • Establish the communication


Communication, as we all know, is one of the important factors. There are some restaurants and retail business, where the scenario can be a bit different. If you establish a team-wide communication process, it will make it easier for you as well as for the employees to know exactly where to go for the work schedule and will improve employee attendance.


  • Honor the work preference and requests for time-off


When you are preparing an employee schedule, you have to honor the work preferences as well as take care of the time off requests. You have to keep all these in mind when preparing the work schedule in order to give them the best job and time they asked for.

Bottom Line

So, this is how to create an employee schedule. You need to know and understand that scheduling work is very important in order to evenly distribute the work and the time among the employees and be able to track their times. Based on this work schedule, they will perform their duties and you can also improve employee engagement. Hence, you need to be very clear about the timing and the shift they are performing today. Also, you have to consider that the employees have some special requests and needs. You need to keep a lot of things in mind, as a manager, while you are creating a work schedule for the employees.

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