How to Improve Employee Attendance – Key Ways to Track

Employees can take a day or two off in a month. But what about those employees who take four to five days of sick leave on a regular basis? This can affect the overall productivity of your company. As an employer, you have to take some steps to improve the attendance of your employees. But if you are confused about how to improve employee attendance practically, then here are some of the useful tips for you.

How to ImproHow to Improve Employee Attendance ve Employee Attendance

Don’t know how to improve employee attendance? Track the leaves that occur, set some expectations, boost employee morale and engagement and much more.

#1: Track the Leaves

Hunches can be the best way to track different aspects of your business. If you are relying on them, then that is not a smart move. Employees always want to be treated perfectly and fairly. If a manager is having no problem when one employee is taking a week off for sickness, the manager will not have issue when another employee is taking off for the same. For maintaining a fairness and also to avoid legal issues, it is better to track the absence of employees using some sort of attendance system.

#2: Set Some Expectations

The culture of your workplace will determine to some extent about how much absences are accepted. This may sound a bit strange but that is true. No manager will want their staff to remain absent for days. But companies have different expectations from the attendance of the employee. The expectations of the absence are created through the culture as well as the management of the company.

#3: Boost Employees’ Morale and Engagement

You can improve the attendance of the employee by boosting engagement and giving morale support to them. You have to trust the employees and recognize their achievements. You need to ensure that the employees are performing well and you have to appreciate when they do that. You also have to listen to the employees more. All employees want their managers to listen to them, be it is a suggestion, complaint or an idea.

#4: Take Care of Your Employees Health

Though it is not fair to force the employees to work when they are sick, you can surely take steps to reduce their health issue. Small steps like free fruit supply and cycle-to-work schemes can improve the health of the employees. Also, you can invest in some great ergonomic chairs for your office if you want to reduce the impact of back pain.

#5: Communication is Important

If you want to improve the attendance of your employees, then you have to communicate. You need to check whether or not the employee is well enough for work. You have to update the employees based on the announcements, company news and new hire discussing things related to work can help a lot.


So, these are some of the best ways on how to improve employee attendance. You need to ensure that your employees are working properly and attending the office regularly, whether this be through following the above tips or by investing in an attendance management system. It is very important for your business’ productivity, but you certainly cannot force anyone. You have to understand and cooperate with the employee. A good understanding, tracking and communication can improve this.

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