Social Media and Modeling – Boost Your Online Presence

Gone are the days when models had to be scouted by talent agencies before they rose to fame. These days, if you’re considering modeling as a full time career, you can’t rely solely on submitting professionally shot photos to talent agencies and cross your fingers that they get back to you. Because technology has become so integrated in our daily lives, social media provides an opening for you to create brand awareness for your own name. Below are some strategies when it comes to posting on different platforms.


Instagram is a great platform for posting visuals. Because modeling is an incredibly visual industry, you can’t afford to shut yourself out from a platform that puts you right on the world stage. Don’t hesitate to mix professional and personal so your fan base connects better with you. Social Media and ModelingIf you’re just starting out, check out how other supermodels are using the platform and don’t lag behind.


You’re most likely already using this, but do you know how to increase your exposure with this social network? For starters, you need to create a page that keeps your personal and professional lives separate. While on Instagram you can share personal and professional posts, Facebook should be more separated. A profile is where your personal posts go, while a page is meant for professional posting. When you’re just starting out, it’s good to connect with your fans. Respond to as many messages as you can, and provide upload photos regularly.


Sure Instagram and Facebook are great with increasing your exposure. However, LinkedIn is not a platform to look over. This platform can help you connect with agencies, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and so forth. So while you’re restricted in what you can post, you can increase your professional network to include others who also work in the same industry as yourself.


Even though twitter’s mostly about minimizing characters, millions of users troop online each day to find out the latest fashion trend. If you can just fit yourself into a trending topic, you never know who’ll be watching. It’s a great way to converse with followers, and communicate with potential followers and colleagues.

Bottom Line

When it comes to social media and modeling, it’s important to consider how the technology can further your career in the modeling industry. Each platform has a different angle to boost your online presence, and connect with others in the modeling world. Overall, technology today can help boost a career in new ways compared to when social media was not present.

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