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Is JPEG Or PDF Better for Printing – the Best File Format

Printable documents can be saved in different file formats. Each of the file formats serves a particular purpose. Many people ask – is JPEG or PDF better for printing? If you are confused between these two file formats then you have to know that the file format depends on your preferences and choices. Both of […]


How Ecommerce Works – The Ecommerce Process

Trading has come a long way. From the time of barter trade to a cashless exchange, it is quite a journey. While metal coins have been used for trading for over 4,000 years and are still in play today, things are slowly drifting from conventional trade. Today, you sit behind your computer and order what […]


Types of Ecommerce – What is the Largest Type?

When people think of ecommerce, they relate it to purchasing goods or services online. However, e-commerce is a wider subject. Also, there are many types of ecommerce. In this article are six main types. These are consumer-to-consumer ecommerce, business-to-consumer ecommerce, business-to-business, business-to-administration, consumer-to-business, and consumer-to-administration ecommerce.   Types of Ecommerce All these types are different. They […]