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iPhone SE Won’t Turn On

Your iPhone SE won’t turn on? You’re not the only one. Recently, there have been reports from owners saying their iPhone won’t turn on or are experiencing a number of anomalies (iPhone won’t turn, it’s stuck on the Apple logo, it crashes, etc.). Although this is actually one of the most common iPhone problems, this […]


Common iPhone Issues

iPhone users face various problems whenever they transfer data from their old devices to newer ones, update to a new iOS, launch new apps or jailbreak their devices. iPhone issues often range from software/hardware related to bugs in iOS. Here are some common iPhone issues to consider. Common iPhone Issues iPhone White Screen of Death […]


Signs of Water Damage on Phone – Common Issues

Smartphones are highly useful but they are quite delicate as well. Water or any other liquids can be quite hazardous to your smartphone. Exposure to moisture and water can damage many internal components and parts of your phone. There are some phones that give you alerts about the device when it is exposed to water […]