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How to Improve Teamwork and Communication

Teamwork and communication are critical components of any successful venture. When people work together as a team and communication is open, friendly and professional, projects would be completed successfully and on time. Here are a few tips on how to improve teamwork and communication.

How to Improve Teamwork and Communication

A team that doesn’t communicate well is unlikely to meet goals and targets on time. Keeping communication open can help boost engagement and keep it high. Below are ways to help improve the teamwork in the office: 

Open Door Policy

A closed door policy creates a physical as well as a psychological barrier. As such, physically opening the door or encouraging an open plan environment communicates to everyone that they’re part of the same team. An open-door policy also offers the team a message of transparency, which is a critical concept for building trust and clarity. Another significant benefit of an open-door policy is that it encourages regular communication.

Encourage Two-Way FeedbackHow to Improve Teamwork and Communication

Knowing how to give detailed and constructive feedback is one of the best ways to increase team communication at work. The trick is to master the art of offering constructive feedback. Although verbal communication can be a great way to encourage two-way communication and allow the team to self-evaluate, it’s important to back it up with a written record.

Clarity of Responsibilities and Roles

Many workplace problems at the average office are caused by miscommunication and unclear instructions. If a team member isn’t sure of their responsibilities, they’re more likely to struggle with their tasks and not complete them as required. Clarifying roles and responsibilities goes a long way in improving communication.

Build the Team Spirit

A team that gets along well is more likely to communicate better. As such, building a team spirit allows everyone to know each other better and helps to create an environment where everyone feels they have a role to play in determining the outcome. Team building weekends, for example, creates an informal social atmosphere where people can get together socially and relax without the boundaries of a typical work environment.

Time/Attendance Software System

A time/attendance software system can help to automate the process of manually drafting and changing schedules, which improves attendance and allows people to work together. These software systems are often equipped with dynamic scheduling capabilities which can account for the company’s patterns and accommodate schedule switches.


Many companies overlook the benefits of training, especially when it comes to communication. Training is an investment, but it can significantly improve interactions between teams. According to research findings, teams that are given some training eventually improve their communication skills.

Use an Appropriate Form of Communication

Every project in a work environment is unique, and should be handled individually. For instance, if a task requires a hands-on approach, you can communicate effectively using face-to-face meetings, for example. In a case where team members are in different locations, meeting face to face may not be viable and other communication streams such as video conferencing may be more effective.

Bottom Line

With these tips on how to improve teamwork and communication, you can steer your company towards greater success. This will also help ensure employee attendance is high as well, because they won’t dread coming to work. A team that communicates effectively will work better and ultimately improve the company’s bottom line.

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