How Dialer Works in Call Center – Predictive Dialers

Do you currently work in a call center or planning to open one up soon? Installing some sort of dialer system is ideal for call centers as they increase productivity exponentially. There are different types of dialers available that perform differently. Depending on your workplace and the volume of your calls, choosing a specific type of dialer will benefit your business tremendously. This article will give you an idea of how dialer works in call center along with how a predictive-dialer may be best for your business.

How Dialer Works in Call Center – Predictive Dialers

The most common feature that every dialer has is that they can efficiently manage the calls. The  dialer-software takes the calls and distributes them to the representatives in such a way that all the persons logged into the campaign will get calls as soon as they are available. Sales Sling mentions that this will increase the productivity amongst employees in a call center.

Before the use of predictive dialer-software in the BPO centers, the different types of BPO Center headsets in were used which had limited features and characteristics. This auto dialer was used to program the computer system in a way that it dials a specific number of calls and were responsible for detecting the presence of the agent to receive the call. If it finds an idle agent, it hands over the chat to him.

How Dialer Works in Call Center - Predictive Dialers This auto dialer was widely used before the predictive dialer came in the industry, which then took over. Unlike this, a predictive dialer uses an algorithm to predict when the agent will be free to take the call and then transfers the call to him or her. When there is no response or silence from the other end of the chat, the dialer automatically hangs up that phone and connects to the other call which was otherwise waiting. As soon as one talk ends, the agent can see all the statistics and information related to the chat on his computer screen, which can be used further to create any leads for future references.

This technology is essential for telemarketers as it eliminates the chances of missing on any communication with potential leads. With the use of the predictive dialer, there is no call that isn’t answered by an agent. Moreover, it is also more efficient for the agent as they do not have to spend time manually dialing.

Dialers are essential in any call center environment, and predictive-dialers take a lot of the work out of communicating an agent with a potential lead. This article gave you an idea of how dialer works in call center and how beneficial it would be for business to adopt predictive-dialers.

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