Qualities of a Good Cover Letter – How to Land the Job!

When a vacancy for a certain job is posted, it is expected to attract a number of applicants. Among these applicants, more than half will surely be qualified for the position. Just like you, their goal is also to be hired. So aside from the resume that you submit in applying for the job, the cover letter is also attached. When it’s time to write your cover letter, it’s important to know the qualities of a good cover letter.

The cover letter is usually a one-page letter that is written to invite the employer to read on to your resume. The cover letter aims to stir the interest of your prospective employer. With the knowledge in writing a strong cover letter, you can face fierce competition in the job market. An effective cover letter can make you an outstanding candidate for the job.

When applying for the job, you will advertise yourself to the potential employer through the cover letter. Here you give them a peek at why you are a qualified employee. Therefore, the cover letter must give the employer an idea of the advantages of hiring you. The cover letter must be able to make them realize the direct and specific benefits that you can give the company, so they are more inclined to give you an interview.

Qualities of a Good Cover LetterQualities of a Good Cover Letter

When attracting potential employers, your letter should look good; neat, clean, and easy to read. Typically, the paper size letters are 8 inches by 11 inches. The letter should be brief yet informative; if possible, keep it within a single page. The information should be related to the job position to which you’re applying and the industry you are interested in. Skills that are irrelevant to the specific job should be kept in your resume.

The cover letter generally states your interest in the job and to work with the company. This also introduces you and your skills and expertise to the employer so that he will recognize your potentials to fit the position. Your letter ought to likewise evoke want and influence activity. Consider what the company is looking for in a candidate. Talk about your strengths, and what you can bring to their company. Talk about why you would be the right candidate, and back it up by talking about first-hand experiences. This is the opportunity for you to show your research on the business.

Bottom Line

So if you want the company to distinguish you from among the qualified candidates for the job, be sure to follow these qualities of a good cover letter. Writing an effective cover letter can give them a sense of who you are before they contact you for an interview.

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